Our Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend. Our couches were delivered bright and early Saturday morning.
They look so great in the room and are so comfy.
I told Josh that now I feel like we're grown folk! It's the first time we've had a living room compiled of mostly things that we've picked out ourselves.
It's a great feeling.
Josh had picked up a fish tank a few weeks ago from a listing on Craigslist I think.
We have been wanting a tank since we've been living together.
He went Saturday afternoon to pick up all the stuff to go with it. We only had the tank and no hood, lights, stand and other supplies for it.
With all of that together he ended up just spending $20 more and buying a HUGE tank.
So now we have the extra tank to save for the boys once they get interested in having frogs or lizards.
We took the boys to pick out some fish yesterday. We only have about 8 fish so far in the 72 gallons.
We'll add them slowly each week to make sure the PH doesn't go out of whack.
Taylor and Callum both picked a Mollie each and also a school of bleeding heart tetras.
They're in total love with the tank. They said goodnight to them last night and good morning to them this morning and told them they'd see them after school.
It's so cute.

The boys wanted me to take a picture of them holding their junk. Boys will be boys.


I took a video of the boys playing Wii the other day too. It's just hilarious to watch. It's like they dance around each other while playing.
Taylor thinks he has to move to make his character move.....which is fine by me!


Anonymous said...

Love the new furniture!!

LOL at the boys holding their junk!!