The boys have been in preschool for about three weeks now.
Unfortunately as of today they've missed four days of those three weeks!
We've come up with our first ever ear infection and round of antibiotics for Taylor.
I have to say proudly, for an almost four year old that's not too shabby.

Both of them have had a terrible cough and Taylor had a cold that seemed to progress to something much worse than Callum's. We finally went to see our family doctor and low and behold the poor thing had a terrible ear infection in both ears.

In other good news we got our family pictures back from our session with Sears a few weeks back.
The boys were less than cooperative and I was fairly certain that we would come up empty handed with how badly they behaved.
We got lucky with the wonderful Kelly as our photographer. She managed get a few good shots beside the circumstances!!



And really........my all time favorite!!


And yes, I did buy sheets of this one! haha


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Shelby at DoubleUpBooks.com - The Twins and Multiples Bookstore said...

Loved the photos! The one with the 3 is funny. I bet that could win contests with that. That basically sums up how our 3s were around here. 4 is much better.

Wanted to let you know that you won a Beautiful Blogger award on my personal blog at http://www.prologuetoatwinsblog.blogspot.com Congrats!

It's been fun watching you pick out and get your new couch.