Our House on a Nightly.

The boys have taken to the Wii like woah.
The first thing out of the boys mouths when either of us get home is not "hello mommy or daddy" it's "can you put on Batman?"
If we let them they would play for hours and not say a word, so we've taken to setting a timer for them to play in smaller increments.
The Batman game is really for 10 year olds+.

Callum he plays like you would think any three year old would play a video game. He's interested in just running around, beating up the bad guys and jumping off ledges and killing his character over and over.
Taylor is a different story. He has really amazed us, he really gets it. He runs around and does the storyline, puts the legos together to make things to advance the game. He's figured out how to open up areas that you have to throw your batarang? to open and is exploring the game like a true gamer.
I know it's just a video game, but seeing how quickly he's picking up on what needs to be done is just awesome to watch. You can see his little gears turning to figure things out.

I had to tell his Aunt Ashley right away about this development. I knew she'd be excited to have a little budding gamer to teach.
Now to try and find an educational game for the wii that's just as fun.