I have a picture post!
For some reason they are mostly of Callum. Probably because usually I take a ton of Taylor because he is the one awake more.
I wanted to catch up and take a bunch of the little one!

Callum napping on the couch

In his little elephant outfit. I love the hat with the ears. I'm a sucker for ears.

Callum as a lion!

Lions ROAR!

Taylor napping in his bouncy seat. I love how their lips look when they sleep!

We took a trip to Sam's today. We have absolutely no money but had to buy diapers and wipes. So we spent our only 50 that we had to spend on just that. But, we have diapers to last for a LONG time.
We brought the boys with us and got tons of stares but only a few people said anything. Maybe they are intimidated by Josh and me with my skull shirt on.