We were very excited to find a momma duck in our backyard!
She's pushed apart our rosemary for her nest, and I've only seen her off the nest once when our dog chased her.
I got to peek in and see at least eggs.
I wonder how long it takes until baby ducks hatch?
My husband says he sees her off the nest in the early morning.
I was wondering how she was eating.


The boys have been excited to check in on her at night and make sure she's still there.
They've been giving the talking to about not bothering the momma duck and they now make sure everyone is aware of that rule.


Call Family said...

So cute-that has to be such a neat experience for the boys to be a part of-a natural teaching experience is the best kind!!! Man-our boys would have so much fun if they got together!!!!

Running5k2day said...

Aww-that is so cute! I have a mother duck and her 10 chicks. I know they won't make it as the cats tend to eat them. I don't know where they sleep @ night. They are so fluffy & cute!! Hope they all hatch in your nest.