Wedding Day!!

The day went off without a hitch. I decided early on to just go with the flow and not let a thing stress me out. That was the best thing I could promise myself for that day.
We had a wedding at my mom's house. There was supposed to be rain that day so the day before our friends came over to put up a tent just in case. I didn't really know it was silver but it was no big deal, I just was like "it is what it is".
Friday morning I got up and took a shower, fed our boys breakfast and my honey took off to do his running around that morning. Kerry and I made sure to be out of the house by the time that he got back since we wanted to not see each other the whole day.
We went over to my mom's and they had so much done already. It was starting to come together.
They were putting up our arch and doing the tulle on it and my mom asked if it was to my liking. It's perfect is what I said. Everything looked perfect and I was happy with all of it.
At 2 we headed to the salon to get my hair done, my friend and hairdresser Wendy was so surprised at how laid back I was. I was totally nonchalant and in a great mood. No stress for me.
I loved my hair, it was perfect. My other girlfriend Kristen met us at the salon which was a surprise. She left work early to get her hair done while we were still there. Wendy wouldn't let us pay for our hair. I was was such a great day so far.
After my hair I made sure to get something to eat since I hadn't eaten anything all day. Kristen called my mom to tell her that they better make sure I ate!
When I got back everything was gorgeous, my mom had the whole house and backyard set up.
The cake lady came and wasn't exactly what we had drawn up for her. We knew it couldn't be bright white since we had cream cheese frosting....but the decorations were off and the ribbon was too small...still I shrugged it off and told her it was perfect.
Kerry, my sister and I went up to my mom's room and worked on the ITunes song list for outside and gabbed upstairs. I heard Josh (my love) and his mom and our boys get there at some point and knew that this was it. I wouldn't be going back downstairs again until I was about to walk down the aisle.
Kerry did my makeup and it was fabulous. I started putting on my undergarments and my shoes (red chucks, teehee) and realized that I forgot my something old which was my Mammaw's wedding ring. My mom went through her jewelry box and found something for me. I wanted to cry, but stuck with my motto and everything was fine.
My girls really took care of me. They made me feel so beautiful and special. They were just what I would have wanted of bridesmaids if I had any. They were my unofficial bridesmaids.

Josh sent up a cup of Sparks for me. I was getting so nervous but so excited.
They got my dress on me and started putting on some sparkly lotion on my arms and making my tattoos look shiny and pretty. Mom got some glitter stuff on my dress and started freaking out. I was totally calm and like ok mom it's ok.
Once it was all on and adjusted my mom started crying. I told her she better not make me cry! haha.
Everyone went downstairs except Kristen and I. She was helping adjust my dress and going to make sure I didn't fall down the stairs! haha.
She told me I looked gorgeous and I had to keep back more tears.
It was time. I walked out and all I saw were people smiling at me. It was so overwhelming. I tried so hard to not cry. I didn't know where to look and just sort of looked around and smiled and tried to keep it together. I tried to remember to walk slow but I felt like I beelined for Josh. He looked so handsome. I almost tripped on the aisle runner we had put down. It was on grass after all. But, it helped break the ice a bit. I finally made it up to Josh and Jesse. Jesse started speaking and I felt like I had tunnel vision. It went by so FAST. In a flash it was our turn to do our vows. Josh asked if I wanted to go first. I said NO! haha. That made people laugh. So he said his vows so loud and with conviction. Then there was no other choice! It was my turn. I tried to get through them, my voice was quivery and I started to cry a little. Then it was over. Jesse finished up and told us to kiss.
Everyone cheered.....
From that point on it was all a blur! We had a great time. Did a lot of talking to friends and I didn't eat much at all.
Josh got us a 15 year Unibrou to share for our first drink together. (we're not really champagne people)
It was a great night. We didn't get any real "family" pictures to speak of. We tried to get a few of the four of us, (Josh and I and the boys) It's a bit difficult to get four people when two of those are babies to look all in the same direction. But the pictures that I've seen so far are great!
It was a beautiful day and we were so lucky to have such great people in our lives that made the day even more special.
I had a great time. I hope everyone else enjoyed themselves.