Things to be thankful for!

I have so many things to be excited about.
Our boys are thriving and getting so big. I can't believe how fast they're growing. Taylor says dadadadada none stop and Callum says mamamama non stop. It's a nice balance. they're so smart and such good babies.

I'm getting married to the absolute love of my life. he is my everything. i knew before we were dating that we would be married. we even talked about going to vegas to get married when we were still just "friends". he understands me and lets me be me. i can be a total jackass and he can still look at me and tell me i'm sexy or that he loves me. he amazes me everyday.
i can't wait to call him my husband. i can't wait for us to grow old together and take care of each other. i can't wait to watch our children grow together.

one of the most things i'm excited about is getting to meet my best friend finally.
that's right....i've never met her in person. she's been my rock for nearly 2 and a half years. we met online and have talked on the phone and online everyday since we met.
she's helped us when we needed help and most of all she's been there to get me through anything going on at any given time. she is another great person in my life that lets me be me. she lets me freak out and act a fool and can still call me a friend and tell me she loves me. i'm so very lucky to have met her. she is so talented and such a great person. i can't wait to meet her and give her the hug i've been waiting to give her all these years.
it's only right that she's here to watch us marry. she's been through everything with me. she's been there to support me through all the crap i went through at the end of my last relationship....the fear of starting a new one, all of my insecurities and the surprise of my pregnancy, to the birth of my boys. Kerry, I love you. I can't wait to see you!!!!!