House Hunting & Bananas

I feel like we're never going to find a place to live. I am totally frustrated.
I'm embarrassed that Kerry is going to have to stay in the pig sty that is our apartment right now.
We can't fit another thing into that place. I need to start going through stuff and packing and throwing things out. It's just so cluttered.

We went and looked at two houses last night. I had to force myself to realize that the one that I loved we just can't fit into. It was a brand new home, but only a two/two. It had a two car garage and the kitchen was a good size, but it was just too matter how much I liked it.
The second house had a great upstairs but the downstairs was so weird. Why are builders making houses that never have dining rooms.. what the hell is with that?
It also had NO living room, I don't even know how anyone lived there before. There wasn't even room for a couch. It was weird.

The boys tried bananas this week. Taylor shakes his whole body when he eats them like they're too tart. He does like them mixed in with his oatmeal though.
Taylor is going to outgrow his bouncy seat here in no time...he's getting way too long for it. He did really well with sleeping in his co sleeper last night for a good four or five hours....the rest of the time he slept with mommy on her chest.
I have to say that I love it when they want to sleep with me. We always wake up extra sweaty...but I just love hearing them breath and rubbing their back while they sleep. These little boys amaze me every day. I love how excited they get when I get home from work. I love that I can tickle them in certain spots and I'm the only one that can get them to laugh. Oh, that's the best sound in the world.