We had our company Christmas dinner last night. It was really good food. We had a good time. Josh got all dressed up and looked so handsome. I really wish I had thought to take pictures.

The boys have been sleeping in their cosleeper at night now. They have been sleeping either with me or in their bouncy seats since they were born. Because of the reflux they used to just scream when we would put them in their cosleeper to sleep....but now as long as they are swaddled it goes just fine.
I moved the cosleeper out in the living room for now until they get adjusted to sleeping in it. But, it looks like I'll be back in my room soon.

Yay for my big boys. Hopefully from there we can move them into their cribs because they are already waking each other up and don't fit quite as well in the cosleeper together as they could have when they were smaller.

We've started talking about trying again for another baby in the future. We don't want one right now, and thankfully to the NuvaRing we won't be....but we figured that we can plan for when we want to start trying again. We figure a three year difference between a new baby and the boys would be good. It took us 9 months of no protection to get pregnant this time plus the pregnancy 9 months....so we know that there is a year and a half there at least.

I can't believe the boys are going to be four months old in nine days! It just trips me out that they have been here that long. My goodness. They grow so much everyday and are such good babies.
I can't imagine our lives without those boys.
I still have days where I can't believe how fast it was that I became a single mom of none....to engaged and a mother of two!

I wouldn't change a thing.

I still have this nagging feeling like I'm not done Christmas shopping. I want to get the boys some more things seeing as we only got them one thing....but my mom bought them a ton of stuff.
We barely have room for all the baby stuff we have in our apartment right now.
Goodness that place needs to be gone through and cleaned. I am sure I have stuff I can either sell, or give to Goodwill.
Who has time to do that when we both work 40 hours and have twins!?