Four Month Letter

Four Months Old
December 29, 2006

I can’t believe that it’s been four months since you came into our lives! You are both such great joys to your Daddy and I.

You’re both teething now. We feel terrible that there isn’t much we can do to help the pain but even with the teething you are both in good spirits. What great babies you both are.

Taylor, you have two bottom teeth now. They show when you smile or squeal, which you love to do a lot. Nana and Daddy said you spent pretty much the whole day yesterday talking and squealing. You were eating, napping or chatting up a storm. They both got a real kick of that yesterday.

Callum, you still haven’t had a tooth break through. But, it’s right there and I know that it will be coming through real soon. You have gotten so much more talkative and love to squeal and talk up a storm like your brother. You are so expressive when you “talk” to me. You raise your eyebrows and look so serious like you are discussing very serious matters with me.

You had your first Christmas! I know that you didn’t really know what was going on. But you both loved the lights on Grandma’s Christmas tree and neither of you wanted to nap Christmas morning. There was just so much going on around you that you couldn’t stand to miss anything.
You got a ton of presents from your Grandma Jill & Grandpa Floyd. You got your jumperoo that we’ve had set up in the house for a little while now. Neither of you are quite sure if you like it just yet. But you do love that you can stand on your own and look around. You got another Baby Einstein video, Superman onesies that I am sure Grandpa Floyd loved. You both had full stockings. You got little vibrating jitterbugs that just crack you up. There were other things in your stocking that you could probably care less about like baby toothpaste, new washrags and little things like that. We went to your Great Aunt Mary’s house and you got to visit with your second cousins Jonathan and Krissa again. Aunt Mary bought you some outfits and sleepers. You played with Nana a lot while we were there.
We took you to see Santa for the first time at Oxmoor Mall. What a great looking Santa he was. Everyone was so excited to see twins sitting with Santa. You were both great and didn’t cry and get scared. Callum you looked like you would have loved to grab Santa’s beard. You were both so distracted at all the lights and decorations around his giant throne.

You are still spending days with Aunt Ashley & Nana during the week.
You always have a blast with Nana, playing on your blankets on the floor. She reads to you and plays with you and your toys. She just loves spending time with you and would rather that you never have to nap so she can always play.

You are both so steady now if we help you sit up. You will look to whatever direction you hear someone’s voice coming from. You both love to stare at daddy and give him great big smiles. I love watching you with your dad.
It’s so amazing how fast you are both growing. It’s going to be no time until you are up and walking. Until then I will cherish every moment that I can pick you up and snuggle you and cover you with kisses.
Both of you and your daddy are the loves of my life.