my goodness.
my boys are the devil incarnate.
their gas must be so awful.
josh stayed home with me today because they were screaming monsters most of yesterday and through the night.
thank GOODNESS for the swing. we definitely need another one.
i haven't gone more than thirty minutes today without having a baby attached to me.
i love it.....but it would be nice to get some things done.
i wonder how that gripe water stuff is really. i was on earlier....and i wonder if it would be ok to give them. taylor screams while eating his bottle. it's just been terrible.

other than that nothing else really going on. screaming babies and shirts covered in spit up.
i think i've finally stopped bleeding. it will have been four weeks tomorrow!
i can't believe my babies will be four weeks old.
i need to buy them a play gym mat....that and a twin carrier.
any of you twin mommies have one?
it looks huge, but it would help get us out of the house on our own that's for sure.