my favorite sound in the world right now is the "singing" the boys do when they are having their is the sweetest sound i have ever heard.callum is my little peanut turtle man. he makes the craziest faces when he's hungry or starting to get upset. taylor is a momma's boy and just wants to be held all the time. speaking of....guess who's laying on mom's chest as i type. stomach has been so upset the past two days. my incision kind of hurts today. i don't know if it's specifically the incision or my stomach muscles.i can't believe how strange i think i look without a belly anymore. it's so's surreal that i'm a mom to two little boys. they are just an endless source of amusement and i feel like i could burst with how much love i have for them.i miss being able to sleep for more than two hours at a time.i miss feeling them kick inside my tummy at night. but, i love watching them kick their little feet and try and eat their hands. i'm exhausted....but Callum seems to be cluster feeding today....he's been hungry all day.i hope this means he'll grow this week. he is SO much smaller than Taylor. i just want him to be big and healthy....even though the doctor said he is healthy and doing beautifully it just worries me that he's so much smaller.ok gotta go have the little peanut man crying in his seat.