Josh's mom has been amazing. She watched the boys for us Friday night so we could go out. We went to our old haunt Main Street Lounge...we got all dressed up and had a great time. I got to dance with Kristen and Angela and act a fool. She stayed the night so we could have drinks and I wouldn't have to get up with the boys. Saturday she stayed with us all day as well and watched the boys that night so we could go to Poker night with everyone. It killed me being away from them for that long....but I have to admit that it was wonderful to have adult time.
. It was great and greatly missed as well.
I have to go to my six week appt this week. Well...that is if I can get an appt because I forgot to call and make one. I have NO clue as to what birth control I want to go on. I suck at remember pills and Josh is scared of all the side effects of things like that. I just don't know what to do. The IUD scares me a little...and I don't know about the shots that you can get. I guess I'll just have to discuss my options once I'm there....I would rather get it started the sooner the better though. No need to have Irish triplets.

The boys will be six weeks Tuesday!!
Goodness time flies. They are getting so big and I can't imagine us not having them. I would never say that they have a negative effect on Josh and I. If anything I love him even more and just look at him with complete adoration knowing he is the father of these two beautiful babies.
Oddly enough I am sort of excited to get our new van.....

Having a baby, let alone babies definitely changes your body. It's hard to look in the mirror and truly like what I see.....not that I ever did completely anyway. But now everything is shaped differently. My boobs are saggier and seem to be smaller even though I'm in a DD. My hips are wider and I have a gut. I feel like no matter what jeans I wear the front looks like "mom jeans". Josh did a wonderful job in making me feel sexy this weekend and I didn't feel weird or uncomfortable at any time when it was us two.
Now while we were out at Main Street Friday is a whole other can't help but feel insecure when a girl in giant boots, a wrap with her booty short panties showing and tape on her breasts. I kept joking and saying I wanted her boobs and her skin....but I wasn't kidding.
Josh laughed and said he would tell her that his wife wants to skin her. lol
It is so bizarre hearing him call me his wife...he does it all the time. It's only a matter of time now really. We were talking about that the other day.....time to start really discussing what we want to do for our wedding.