15 weeks

So today I am at 15 weeks.
Only two weeks and two days until the big sonogram.
Being sick while pregnant is so terrible.
Being sick sucks anyway....but being sick while pregnant with twins is THE SUCK.
I can only take tylenol cold and maybe some sudafed to really dry me up. I have some robitussin for the cough that I have been taking a bit.
But, I am sooooo tired. Being sick and pregnant is taking a lot out of me.
I really feel bad for Joshua lately. I have been absolutely no fun. He of course, the wonderful man he is says that it's ok. No biggie. He doesn't mind.
He is great and goes and gets me food or whatever I am craving, runs to the gas station for gatorade...pretty much anything I ask for.
I really need to get to my mom's and start walking on the treadmill. I would feel much better if I was a bit active.
I can't believe we had snow/freezing rain last night.