I've been feeling a lot better lately. I am still dizzy every now and then and am hungry as ever. Luckily though I haven't felt like I have to throw up every minute which is pretty nice.
I can tell that I have gained some weight. I have my official "first" appointment today, where they will take blood and do an exam and all that. I don't know if they'll do another sonogram or not. I have another appointment Thursday with the high risk doctor, maybe they'll do another one then.
Apparently since I have twins I get all sorts of sonograms. Yesterday I was having weird pains like before when I laughed or coughed. I'm not real sure what that was all about but I can only assume it was just like before when I freaked out and went to the doctor and we found out it was two. They are trying to make room and in return I am getting sharp pains in the sides.

I have been ridiculously emotional. I feel like I am on a roller coaster. I can cry at the drop of the hat and I have been trying to control that some.
I finally dyed my hair last night after waiting for so long because there are concerns over hair dye and being pregnant. Everything I read said that there is no proof or evidence of it doing anything. I would figure if it could get into my blood stream and hurt a baby or babies in my case it could hurt me when I regularly dye my hair.
Needless to say I don't feel like such a troll now. I still need a hair cut and I just feel totally unattractive and disgusting. I am sure once I see more of a pregnant belly and not just fat I will feel better.

I'm nervous about the appointment. I guess just because I am going by myself.