I had my first actual OB appointment today. They did a pelvic exam, took more pee, took a pap smear which hurt like hell. The doctor told me that my cervix is way back there and apparently that is a good thing with twins I guess.

She did a quick ultrasound on this super old machine that she rolled into the exam room just to check the heart beats and to make sure they were both there and ok.
It took her a bit of pushing that thing into my abdomen to find them, they are hidden pretty well.
We saw both of them side by side. One was asleep but we could see a heartbeat and the other was very much awake doing spins and what I think looked like karate kicks. I guess even now they have extremely different personalities! I am 10 weeks and two days along now. My bloodwork all came back good, clear of any weird diseases, no gestational diabetes. I have only gained a half a pound since my visit for them to make sure I was ok. That was about two or three weeks ago. It's weird that I feel so much bigger and my clothes are so much tighter but it's only a half a pound. The nurse said it's because my body is changing not necessarily gaining weight yet.

I have another appointment in four more weeks for a check up and for them to check my weight, take more pee and to check my blood pressure. Then, three weeks after that on April 6th we go in for what they call the "big" ultrasound. That's when we'll get to see them on a new fangled ultrasound machine and actually get to see our babies. That is also when we'll get to see the sex!!

They are pretty positive that they are identical twins. They say that they can tell by the membrane that is seperating the two and usually with fraternal twins that membrane is a lot thicker and with identical it's thinner. Ours look like the thin version which most likely means identical. So, we have clones!

When the doctor did the breast exam she said she thinks that I may still be able to breast feed even though I was sure that with my reduction I wouldn't be able to. I guess she said we can wait and see and talk to their lactation specialist.
That would be a lot cheaper to feed two babies from me than spending all that money on formula at first.