We thought long and hard about buying an "easy set" pool for us to use this summer. I sat on the idea for a few weeks and we finally decided to go for it. It was NOT easy by all means and was a major pain in the ass to set up, but it's been worth all the pain a million times over. This weekend alone we've been in every single day since Friday when I hit the door from work. I figure this is where I'll be most of the summer.
The boys have been having a blast in it. It's finally warmed up to almost 90 degrees thankfully. Last weekend wasn't quite as nice when it was around 80 degrees. I still managed to get a good amount of sun last week and am happily adding to my tan this weekend.
Mammaw bought them some life jackets, kick boards and pool toys to play with. The boys can reach the bottom and walk while I float around them. Today they added more squirting toys and some creepy goggles that look like lizard eyes. Taylor calls them his dragon eyes. The boys still aren't too keen on letting me try to teach them how to float on their backs, but they'll float on their bellies with the kick boards and kick their they're getting the general idea of swimming for now. Ideally I'd really like them to get swim lessons.
The pool has been a great source of entertainment and keeping us out of the house and enjoying our backyard for the summer. It makes me feel better about the boys not spending the summer inside watching tv and playing video games constantly.

I'm on a two week break from school! Thank goodness. I definitely needed it. I'm pretty happy to report that I am mostly positive that this will be another 4.0 quarter for me. Next quarter looks brutal so I am thrilled to have this break to come straight home from work, eat warm dinner with my family and enjoy our boys before kindergarten starts up sooner than I'd like to think about.

Callum is figuring out how to float and kick himself around the pool with the little kickboards. He was brave enough to float around on his back with them yesterday.


Taylor zooming around the pool with Aunt Ashley


These water shooters were the best $1 spent at the dollar store, although getting shot in the face with it is not fun.




Firefly catch and release


This is exactly how I want to spend the summer!