Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was great. The food was phenomenal as always, the company was awesome.
I love being around my family during the holidays. I wish things didn't always have to be so hectic and everyone having other stops to make throughout the day.
I really do love getting to spend the time with everybody, laughing, talking and of course demolishing some amazing food.

It was a pretty cold day this year. My mom's streak of amazing weather for family functions didn't quite come through that day.

This would be what I look forward to every year! Floyd's amazing Sweet Potatoes.

Yum. I look forward to this every year 

My beautiful sister Ashley & Brother in law Matt

Matt & Ashley

Daddy & Taylor watching football


Callum is a big Turkey

Callum being crazy

Aunt Jan and her son in law Shane

Shane & Aunt Jan

The boys and their second cousin Cayden playing with toys in Pappaw's Superman room!



Yours truly

Rhiana Thanksgiving

That delicious bird!


My beautiful cousin Brionne & her husband Shane

Brionne & Shane


Taylor enjoying Thanksgiving dinner