We had to go shopping for a new fridge last night.
Ours starting acting squirrely last week. The freezer went out first and then the fridge side stopped getting cold later that evening.
We had to move everything to our fridge we have in the basement.
Thank goodness we had that down there for beer or extra stuff for the freezer. I would have been pissed had we lost everything.

I haven't really been messing with my new camera too much lately. I can't wait to get outside when it gets nicer and take some outdoors. I did take some of the boys and Josh this weekend.

We're supposed to be getting more snow. I'm not too thrilled with that. The snow we had finally melted over the weekend. It was a gorgeous weekend and I was layed up most of the weekend with my lower back acting crazy.
I must have pulled something or did something to my muscle. It hurts like hell.



Anonymous said...

They are getting so big!

I photo tagged you

Suz said...

I'm missing your boys. When is a new blog post coming? :(