Beautiful Blogger Award

I almost forgot!
I was honored last week with the Beautiful Blogger Award by the wonderful Shelby over at and again today by
Check out their wonderful blogs!!

Thank you so much! It's so nice to get nominated for something like this.
I started my blog mostly for my family to be able to see what the boys and our family have been up to.

It's nice to have other readers as well!!

If I nominated you, congrats and here are the instructions:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and insert a link to their blog.

2. Pass on the award to about 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are great!

3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.

4. Say 7 things about yourself.

7 Things About Myself

1. I went to nearly eight schools moving around as a kid.

2. I'm addicted to Criminal Minds and watch almost two episodes a night as I fall asleep. My husband blames it on the fact that these shows are geared towards women.

3. I love to travel and haven't been able to do that in quite a while. I always have a serious case of the wanderlust. I "blame" this on having parents on two sides of the states and always getting to travel every summer. I was definitely lucky in that aspect. My parents both loved to travel and we did a lot of road trips when I was a kid.

4. I've wanted to be a nurse since as far as I can remember. I'm finally following through and applying and going to school!

5. Even though it was hard as a kid, I'm glad that my parents separated when I was young. I can't imagine not having all the extended family it has granted me. I have three sisters and two brothers.

6. I've always hated tea, I just never had the taste for it. I then got pregnant with the boys and couldn't get enough of it! I still like it.

7. I'm a constant worry wart.

The Blogs that I nominate for the Beautiful Blogger Award are:


Sharlene said...

Thank you so much for the award! I really do appreciate it so much!

Suz said...

And you like owls? Or am I making an incorrect assumption? I have to say it again, I seriously loved your post today - absolutely beautiful.

Spriggs Family said...

Suz, I love owls!!
Thank you!
I guess I should try and post more about my own thoughts and not always pictures of the boys. But, that seems to be what I mainly post.