Yesterday was quite a trying and hilarious day.
I was frustrated with the unorganized clutter in the house.
Callum's diaper undid itself under his shorts. Poor thing was standing in the living room screaming "pooooop!" He had pooped and it rolled out of his shorts onto the floor.
Hey I never said being a mom was a glamorous job.
I of course tried to sooth him and tell him it was no big deal. We cleaned it up and went on with the night.
Then, I decided to vacuum the living room and poor Taylor had a panic attack while I did so.
He thought for sure I was going to vacuum up his cars and proceeded to cry so hard he threw up.
I didn't hear all of this over the vacuum of course.
Apparently in some alternate universe of his I am the bad mommy that laughs maniacally while vacumming up all his prized possessions.
Josh's car wouldn't start after his night of school. We got it towed by AAA to the shop by his work and of course was fine this problem at all.
We have a fickle car.
I'm glad to have a new day today and am trying really hard to be positive about all this car business.