The boys had their first appointment with our family doctor.
She was awesome. They loved her. I knew they would. We all really like her, so now they can hopefully have the same doctor for a long time.
She played with them and faked them in doing letting her check them with her stethoscope and stuff.
Callum was really happy that nothing serious happened during the visit. He's been so leary of people messing with him since his surgery.
I forgot our office visit copays were up to 30 now. Shit.
Taylor was 37 inches and 36lbs, Callum was 36 inches and I missed what his weight was because he was totally spazzing out. I'll have to call and ask.

I'm officially addicted to True Blood and since Friday evening have caught up on 9 back episodes, two more to catch up totally.

I think we're going to have an "open house" Christmas Eve party for our family and if friends want to come so we won't have to drive all over the city for Christmas day and actually enjoy it.
I hope we can get everything cleaned up and decorated in time.
Ugh. I can hardly believe I'm worrying about Christmas already.
I can't even believe it's almost December