So it finally snowed a good bit. We're supposed to get more over the weekend. I went and bought the boys snow boots on clearance at Value City.
I got to leave work early and did the boot shopping, tanning and came home and my MIL bolted out the door to start her weekend. I let the boys try on their boots so they could get used to walking around the house in them.
It was hysterical and like them having to learn to walk all over again.
I just telling them to stomp, one, two, one, two and they caught on real quick.
When Josh came home we left their footie pajamas on and put jeans over top and their hoodies, a beanie and the boots and headed to the backyard.
Needless to say they both hated it. It was mildly disasterous.
I now scoff at the thought of my mom telling me to make a snowman with them! ha.
Callum ended up falling over on his face in the snow. Which mean mommy and daddy laughed and daddy of course promptly picked him and brought him inside to get warm.
Not before I got a picture of the poor dear.

Pictures later.