Friday: stayed home, ate left overs and watched the prestige with my love. tried to fix the home computer, it's still broken and won't repair or let me delete and reinstall windows. yay.
put together the boy's new stroller.

Saturday: got up, fed the boys had some playmat time. mom came over to watch the boys, josh and i went and got our hairs did. i love my haircolor. yay it's all one color now and not light on top and dark on the bottom. it looks so healthy. Wendy is awesome and such a sweetheart. we talked about what we're doing with it Friday.
went to the mall with the new stroller, checked out what size the boys feets are. Taylor is a size 3 and Callum is a 2. we couldn't find any baby chucks we wanted. we got Jesse a flask for performing our ceremony (it's what his wife said he wanted) we got it engraved with his initials.
were stopped a billion and eight times in the mall for people to ask "are they twins?" or "boy you have your hands full" decided i would start gouging eyes out if i heard "boy you have your hands full" one more time. either that or people just would totally stop in their tracks and point and talk amongst themselves about "the twins". good lord we're a freak show.
went and picked up Josh's pants finally hemmed.
tried to stretch my ears to a 6, i did a lot of crying and bleeding and am still at an 8 wtf.
this stretch sucks.
now i have no IDEA what I'm going to wear in my ears for the wedding. totally fucking blows.

Sunday: got up, fed the boys breakfast. Kristen and Jesse came over to give us our wedding gift. it was the computer chair we registered for! (we don't have a desk yet...or room for this giant box) but we'll need it someday.
we played with the boys and then got them ready to go to grandma's.
went to grandma's and they got to see their baskets and we took lots of pictures which i of course don't have since my computer is a piece of crap right now.
they looked adorable and liked to play with the plastic eggs.
we went and cleaned the office and ordered the boys red chucks for the wedding.
went and got the boys from grandma's and drove way to Josh's aunts house for Easter dinner. proceeded to stuff myself silly full of delicious ham.
got home and watched the sopranos and entourage (i can't spell).