Wedding Post again

So...we have license in hand!! That was so surreal. We went last night to the county clerk and got #55 and they were on #95, eep. Well it turns out that they took us early because the marriage license program turns off early. We waited quite a while anyway but got out at a more reasonable time. We each filled out papers that said "groom" and "bride" on each of them, sat at the counter for a couple minutes...the lady imputed our information into their computer, printed out the license, we signed it, they gave us our copy and explained what our officiant has to fill out and where to send it off to.
It really makes it more real! I'm excited.
I figure I'll take the chance to update my list again of things to do.

. write up food list
. purchase food
. reserve keg
. buy wine
. purchase addtl drinks (soda)
. hair trial
. nail appointment
. dress alteration
. pickup dress
. order shoes (mine, Josh's, the boys)
. purchase disposable cameras
. purchase film
. write ceremony!
. tan to try and clear up bad eczema spots
. check on table rentals, chaffing dishes
. finish picking music
. print photo list for disposables