My mom offered up their house and backyard for our wedding and reception! yay!
My sister had her wedding there almost four years ago now. I didn't want to ask and put them out since Floyd is always complaining about NEVER having parties there again.
But she finally mentioned it yesterday. So now I can start trying to plan and doing our invitations. I have NO idea what I'm going to wear. I want a dress that is "tea party" length? I think it's called. It's like mid calf or so. I would like a white and red or all red dress.
Josh will probably wear black and red.
He finally decided that he wants a titanium band as well as his tattoo so I've been looking online at wedding stuff all day today.
I found some nice bands on for him so I'll show him tonight and see what he thinks.
We're not sure how we'll decorate, what we'll have for food or what. We'll start buying some booze now to put aside. But we promised that we won't be participating in getting shit faced. We'll have the boys there as well....which I am sure my mom or his mom will be more than happy to help watch while we're mingling and partying and what have you.
We know we want a carrot cake wedding cake........Josh wants red on to what sort of wording to use. We don't know who will marry us. My aunt can marry us since she's a I may ask her.
I'll feel less stressed once we have some of this figured out and have at least our invitations sent out.
I'm excited and nervous all in one.
I hope the weather will be nice in April.