Hey everybody!
I hope that I can catch up some point today. I don't know if I ever wrote about it....but the part owner of the company I work for also owns a Motorcycle dealership. They gave me my annual raise and have me now working over there for three days a week. I really really like it so far. He is going to have me working on something to do more advertising for the company and getting them set up in a new program to manage their customer service. The past two days I learned the phone system and tried to learn everybody's names. It is such a great environment. Besides the fact that I can't get on the internet, it is just awesome. The people are great and it is so much more laid back. I am busy ALL day which is really nice. Plus, I'll get to see my pay increase on my next paycheck! woot!

With all that said...my computer is still broken :( But, I ordered a new hard drive last night and hopefully it will be here by Friday.
So right now I'll only have access to the internet about two days a week until my computer is fixed.
I miss reading everyone's posts and I'm sorry for being a bad lj friend this week!

Our wedding invitations came today!!!!! I was so excited to open the box. They look amazing. I was so nervous that I would hate them...but they're just like I had imagined!
I also got Joshua's wedding ring in the mail today! I hope that it fits just perfect.
I ordered my dress last week! It was the one I had originally posted about and posted the pictures of.

We have to take Callum to get his foot pricked today....this is for that newborn screening that they've messed up multiple times. Their pediatrician sent us something certified which of course our lazy mailman didn't even knock on our door for.....and I can only assume it's about us having to take him to get this done again.