The boys are 5 weeks old!

We took the boys to the doctor today about their constant crying while eating, farting and pooping.
The doctor told us what I pretty much knew already. They have reflux. We are keeping them on the same formula and they are now on Zantac liquid two times a day.
I am hoping that this gives them some relief, I hate seeing them seem to be in pain. It's awful to have to watch your child writh in pain and not be able to do anything about it.
We took the boys by my work today. They were ooooh'd and aaah'd all over. :)
I couldn't believe how much more they weigh now! Taylor is up from his 6lbs 13oz to 9lbs 11oz!!!! Callum is now up from 5lbs 6oz to 8lbs 5oz!!!
They are growing so fast! I can't believe it. I still can't believe that my mom pushed out a baby bigger than Taylor is right now.....with no drugs! It amazes me.
Josh's mom is coming by tomorrow afternoon to see the boys and said she would stay from about noon or one til around when Josh comes home. She said I can take the opportunity to get out of the house if I want. I may do some things around here and then maybe go and do laundry.