so as of today i am 14 weeks.
i have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, i am supposing to just pee in a cup and things like that.
my mom told me last weekend that she read somewhere that gatorade helps headaches. well, 32oz of gatorade later and today is my first day in two weeks without a headache (knock on wood)
i was insanely sick last night. i don't know what did it but i had awful diahrrea which in turn made me gag and throw up. what a sight....on the toilet with the bin sitting in front of me.

i have had weird cravings of food. things that just pop into my head that i want.
last night, joshua asked me what i wanted for dinner. my response was "beef jerky", i was totally serious. i could have gone to the gas station and gotten a bag and been happy. against my cravings i went with my better judgement and we ordered pizza, which i could only eat one slice.......and i'm not sure if that was the demon behind how i felt at 1 this morning. i was up and down at least five times through the night.
poor josh. i hope he gets some sleep at least.