12 weeks one day

So, today I am 12 weeks and one day.

I haven't been feeling as sick as I was before. Thankfully no vomiting which I haven't really had much of anyway, mostly just dry heaving which is always wonderful.
My nose is always stuffy and usually I get a nosebleed after I blow it in the mornings.
My stomach hurt so bad this morning because those prenantals really do make you constipated which is so much fun.
I have tons of gas and it's embarrassing seeing that Joshua and I just moved in together and I wouldn't dream of farting in front of him. But seriously. It's insane.

I haven't been quite as hungry as I was before. I have a hard time deciding what I want to eat and I can't eat whole meals at once. They say it's better to eat a bunch of little meals and that's really probably to benefit how I feel after I eat a full meal. I feel like it's all stuck in my esophogus. It take longer for your food to digest since it has to be distributed to the babies, so it just feels like all of your food is stuck in your chest for a while.

I've been having an awful lot of lower back pain. I am totally exhausted most of the time but I have a really hard time sleeping. I wake up a thousand times during the night and I toss and turn all night long. I feel bad because Joshua is such a light sleeper I know I must be waking him up all night long.

It's 9am and I got up around 6 but layed in bed until 7 and I am so ready to get back to bed.
Joshua has been so incredible through everything. He takes the pups out to go potty when he knows I am tired or not feeling well. He makes me dinner, brings me drinks and is just wonderful. He was kissing my belly last night telling the "girls" to stop making mommy sick.

It's true that you get unbelievably emotional. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I can cry at a stinking commercial. It's madness. I have always been emotional but this tops the cake.
We have five more weeks til I get the "big" ultrasound to see if we have been calling our boys girls or if we have been right!
Five weeks seems like forever!!